What does rooted mean ?

Is it kinda like running Linux instead of windows? Could someone point me to a site where I can learn? When I do searches the info assumes I know more than I do. Thanks!



  • It gives you access to all of your phone, some files/features are locked until you root. Some apps require root for them to be installed.

    After rooting one thing you are able to do is install a custom ROM, which is like running Linux instead of Windows.

  • Android is an operating system that uses Linux as its kernel. All Unix-like systems have a user on it called root and it is similar to the Windows account Administrator. The root account can make system-wide changes unlike a normal Unix user.

    Most of the time, mobile operating systems like iOS or Android do not allow you to use the root account on it. To gain access, you have to hack the device to allow use of it. After rooting the phone (jailbreaking on iOS), you now can make system-wide changes with the newly unlocked root account.

  • Hey Roberta!

    Looks like you've got some helpful tips for this already! As you probably already know, we have limited troubleshooting for modified/rooted phones past the standard carrier reset/manual programming codes. Something to keep in mind when inquiring about rooting-Nevertheless, give it a go and best of luck.

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