Is it possible to bring over a used HTC M8 cdma as of yet?

They have been out over a year now.



  • Only if it is a Sprint phone and that individual device was activated on Sprint at least 12 months ago. It must pass the check at

    Perhaps your seller can check for you.

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  • Yeah we can! If it's a previously used Sprint device it will need to pass FED checks as usual. For a device to be eligible they must meet the following guidelines:

    Devices on Sprint postpaid accounts - contract must be completed or ETF paid in full
    Devices on Sprint prepaid accounts - device active for 12 consecutive months
    Sprint devices from big box retailers - generally won't pass a FED flag until 12 - 15 months after purchase and need to be inactive
    If a customer is not the original owner/account holder for a device, they will need to get the account holder information to clear a FED flag.

    You can also get a brand new M9 in our shop right now and we are expecting more M8 devices in soon! There's no wait time involved if purchased directly from Ting. All our shop devices are ready to activate!

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