Nokia Lumia Icon 929 32GB BYOD




  • You do not say whether you are interested in Ting CDMA or Ting GSM.
    That phone will not work on Ting CDMA (Sprint).
    That phone MAY at least partially work on Ting GSM (T-Mobile) if it is unlocked.My quick checking indicates it will likely only get voice, text, and 2G data.
    Compare the phone specs with

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  • I've been using my Lumia Icon on Ting for the last year or two and it works pretty well... mostly. The only problems I've experienced with it (that are related to the network rather than the device) are that MMS messaging doesn't work and 3G isn't supported.

    I use a cellular data connection all the time, just fine. But if anyone sends me a text message with media in it (picture/video/audio) then I will often get the text, but not the media, and I will sometimes not get the message at all.

    This also includes group text messages. I cannot send any kind of group message. And if anyone sends me a group message, it will either show up as if it were only send to me, or I won't get it at all.

    Calls work great, WiFi, 2G, LTE works great, everything else is fine except MMS messages.

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