Need a second version of Android Ting App with only "Usage" and "Blog" menu for family members

Frank Wilder

We have 7 phones on our plan and most of the phones have "suspend" rules when they hit a certain limit.

I have set up alerts and shown my family how to used the Android Data Tracking menu, but it is not enough.

I am constantly getting requests to let family members know how much they have used and how much is left. It would be great to have either a second version of the Ting App that only has the "Usage" and "Blog" menu, because I don't feel comfortable giving my kids/in-laws the "Device Settings" controls on their phones.

I guess another idea would be to have 2 different logins for the app: the current "administrator" and another, less powerful "user" login that would only allow you to use the "Usage" and "Blog" menus



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