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I have a Photon 4G. Tues. when I went to use voice search, it gave me an error screen which says....server problem....speak again or cancel. My wifes phone is exactly the same, in all respects. This is the voice search that was already on the phone when I bought them brand new from Sprint. I don't know if that is the same as Google Voice. I can download Google voice, but it does the same. Anyone else have this sudden problem. Is it some auto installed update from Google?



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  • I have found that my own phones does that to me sometime when trying to us "OK Google." Most of the time it will correct itself with a little time. It also seems to help if you can make sure there aren't a bunch of apps running in the background that are also using your data source. Google Voice isn't actually part of the voice search package. It's used for making calls of the internet.

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