Keypad not working on Samsung Galaxy S 5.


I've had my Samsung Galaxy S 5 for almost two months now, and I've recently had one glaring issue involving it. Whenever I try to call either my voice mail or have to deal with a call involving an automated voice system, I would have to utilize my keypad feature on the phone. However, whenever I try to push a button for that said option on the automated system or even to enter in my password for checking voice messages, it never registers. Meaning, the voice still continues to repeat the same message or go on with their information like it didn't even hear the button pushed. This results with some overall frustration. I even made sure that I had my voice mail fully activated and the keypad still won't work.

So, with that in mind, are there any suggestions out there to try and rid me of those annoyance? Perhaps getting a new battery for it? Dealing with where I got the phone in the first place or the original manufacturer? Something else entirely? Anything would be highly appreciated. Thank you kindly for your time.




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