Tethering stopped working - Nexus S 4G

I have been using my Negus S 4g mostly to just tether, as it's old and partially fossilized already.

But a few days ago, it just stopped working. I have full 3G connection (never got 4g working, no big to me) when tethering is off, but when I activate it, I just get a grey network bar that doesn't turn blue.

It's been working like a champ for months, and just stopped all of a sudden.

I've reset my phone, formatted it, made sure tethering still on in Ting settings.

Any ideas?



  • The same thing happened to me with my iphone 4S. It was working perfectly fine up until Sunday morning. Ever since I have not been able to tether. I called Ting customer support and worked through resetting my phone a few times, but I still can't tether. Support said they'd get back to me when they have more info. Its now tuesday and still nothing. Pretty crappy, especially since I use my ting device primarily for tethering.

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  • We experienced this problem across a few devices at this time but believe we have it fixed up now. If you still have trouble with tethering please let us know!

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