Ting Password Character Limitations

Hi guys and gals.

I'm feeling rather annoyed at Ting right now. I've recently attempted to reset my password.

Being a Tucows service, I expect Ting to be somewhat more in tune with web developers, tech-savvy individuals, and the like.

Sometimes I use a password generator and store passwords in a 'vault' such as lastpass or keepass. Other times I use password padding and/or high-entropy passwords. I am aware of the criticisms of such methods. There are plenty of other places those things are discussed. Regardless...

...My problem with Ting is that it disallows so many special characters in its passwords. I don't remember the list of disallowed characters (it was an error message that went away) but I think it included :<>=

I don't remember if ~ and ` were included in that list.

I'm sure there are fine reasons for this. But that's four to six (or more) characters that I might want to use in my password. If I use a password scheme that uses any of those characters, well, now I have to come up with a different scheme...just for Ting! That really stinks!

Of course, I'll deal with it. But man, it's disappointing to come across this. Passwords are already a complicated issue; disallowing certain (common) characters only makes it worse.

Is it possible to change this in the far future. (I don't anticipate something like this being a simple change.)

Thanks for all that's done at Ting. I love the service...just not the password limitations!

Best regards.



  • Chat with or call Ting support to get their official answer on this.
    They have been quite busy lately so having them answering on the forum has been sporadic.

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  • Agreed. I use passphrases and the ban on spaces in passwords is an annoyance (albeit a minor one). The fact that most symbols seem to be allowed except for single quotes and spaces almost makes it seem like passwords are stored in an SQL database or something, with string interpolation used to build queries.

    INSERT INTO users (email, password) VALUES ('jdoe@example.net', 'swordfish'; DROP TABLE users; -- ');

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  • Not permitting spaces means Ting is using passWORDS not passPHRASES.
    A password, by definition does not permit spaces.

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