Fixing/Improving billing on usage discovered late

I noticed that the tracking of minutes isn't always exact, and that minutes used during a previous billing period might be carried over to the current billing period if they aren't recorded before the billing cycle ends. In my case, this starts a new billing cycle with 44 minutes used when in actuality I've used 4, which puts me that much closer to going up into the next bucket over the next 30 days. Which is going to keep me from using my phone as much this month.

It'd be really awesome if Ting could get it set up so that minutes recorded late are first retroactively added to the previous billing cycle, and if they don't make any change in the bill (e.g. if the lately discovered 40 minutes from my previous billing cycle were added to it after the fact, they wouldn't have changed which bracket I fell into, and thus wouldn't have changed the bill) then they can remain there. And if they would have raised the bill, THEN consider applying those minutes to the current billing period instead).

Ting is doing some cool stuff, and this would show some solid commitment to being a carrier that's looking out for users.




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