Franklin U600 USB Modem plugged into TPlink TL-MR3420 router for Internet access

I have the U600 modem working fine with Windows XP and the Sprint host software.
When I plug it into the 3420 router the router finds the USB Modem and identifies it and then it says that the APN or dialing number is wrong. The router thinks the dialing number is 777# but it doesn't tell me what APN it is trying to use. I punched in a couple of APNs mentioned in this forum with no luck.

If this would work it would be a very low cost way to get a wired ethernet network connected to the internet via Ting. The modem was $5.00 via ebay. The Router was about $35 via Amazon.

Any ideas??



  • I just registered (as in 11/05/2015) a Franklin U600 device with Ting. I typed in the IMEI, and Ting said that the device is supported (and identified it as a Franklin U600). So, I completed the sign-up and activated.

    I could not get the device to pass cellular data, however. It would show as connected, but would not allow data to pass. After 30 minutes on the phone with tech support, we find out that Ting activated it as a 2G device (which means "text and phone" only) - even though their own system properly identifies it as a U600 data-only device! Needless to say, Ting support could not get the device to work... and they had to cancel the activation.

    I would love to find a USB data-only device that works with Ting. I am not interested in a "hotspot" - it has to be a USB data-only device, so that I can plug it into my MoFi4500 3G/4G/LTE router (I gave up on the TP-LINK 3420 and switched to MoFi4500 due to the number of USB sticks it supports).

    Call Ting tech support, and ask them to look in your account and tell you if the device is set up as a 2G... if it is, that means it has no data service (2G = SMS/voice). Hope that helps... and please let me know if you find a USB stick that works with Ting!

  • I just wanted to add that I got the Franklin U600 running on Ting just fine at 3G speeds which is fine for me. The problem came down to the TP-Link router. It will not work with the U600 to log it onto the network. What i had to do to get the U600 to work was to download the Sprint host software for the U600 and that connected the modem to the network. I've been digging into this further and I suspect that the U600 modem would work fine with a Cradlepoint MBR1200B router. They are not nearly as cheap as the the TP Link routers but they are very well supported. You can pickup a used MBR1200B (make sure it is a B Model) for about $100 off ebay. But in my case Ting was not a problem. I'd get Ting on the phone again and have the reactivate your modem and then make sure you have the Sprint U600 software and you should be able to use your U600 modem.

  • Thanks for your response, David. I got my U600 working the same way you did - had to plug it into my Windows 10 PC, download Sprint SmartView, then use SmartView to update the PRL and Profile. It was a straightforward process (and I registered my U600 with a company that offers 10MB (yes.. MB, not GB) free, which allowed me to connect to and surf the internet to make sure the U600 was actually working.

    It's strange that the Ting customer service person did not know what to do to "activate" the U600 as a data device on Ting. It was listed as an "active 2G" device in my account (which means voice/text only).

    Since I have to get 8 of these running, and the data usage will be minimal (about 150 MB/month per device), I really want to be able to pool the data usage... meaning I really like Ting's aggregation model. I wish I knew who to ask for at Ting, that was able to get you going!

  • One more thing, David... take a look at the MoFi4500 (amazon, etc) 3G/4G wifi router. It is very small, can easily be wall mounted, supports ethernet WAN with 3G/4G fallback or the reverse, is under active development, supports TONS of 3G/4G USB sticks, and their support personnel are eager to add new devices when a customer finds one that doesn't work.

    I still would love to know who your customer service rep was - did you get an email from them when your problem was resolved?

  • I don't think I had a problem with getting the U600 activated and working, I don't think I talked to anyone about actually making it work. I just had a problem using it with the TPlink Router since I needed to have an APN setting and Ting couldn't help me with that and I didn't have an alternative at the time. The TP Link folks said that they were willing to assist to get various USB stick drives working and the U600 is on their list of compatible devices. But I didn't get that far as I found another issue with the Sprint network which prevented me from fullfilling my end goal anyway, so getting the U600 to work with the TP link no longer mattered. FWIW, the Sprint folks themselves are a bear to work with. Their "sales prevention" staff is very effective. :-/

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