Are these OPPO phones compatible with Ting?


  • Which Ting service? Ting CDMA (Sprint) or Ting GSM (T-Mobile)?
    They do not have the CDMA radio to work on Ting CDMA.
    They may work on Ting GSM, but I see they do not support the LTE bands needed.
    Compare the phone specs with

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  • You will not get 4G LTE. The phone does not receive band 4 (or 2, or 12).

    You will probably not get 3G. The phone does not receive 1700mhz. It does receive 1900, so in certain cities where 1700 has been re-purposed, you may get lucky.

    You will get voice, texting, and (probably) 2G data.

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  • Thank you very much guys! I appreciate the answers.

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