what gsm compatible carriers can we purchase phones from


  • For Ting GSM, look for T-Mobile or T-Mobile Prepaid phones. T-Mobile phones do not need to be unlocked to work on Ting GSM. You just need a Ting SIM
    Other unlocked GSM phones (including iPhone) that meet the network requirements will work too.
    See https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/articles/205428938-Can-I-Bring-My-GSM-Device-to-Ting-Compatibility-and-Unlocking-Guide

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  • Please stay away from models by Coolpad and Verykool. I've tried devices (one flagship) and they were way overpriced and had function and design flaws.

    Blu Studio C models (for $60 less) obliterated similar models from those two "cold" companies. For $40-$50 less than them (more for the proper "Coolpad" competition), the Blu Studio C "Super Camera" is available.

    I vomit in the back of my mouth when I find myself calling Blu out for it being superior to anything but, testing and practical use-wise, they win that battle.

    I'm thinking of picking up an LG model to test that's in the $100 range. Message me if you want more devices I've got experience with!

    From another post of mine:

    The Verykool product line was a MAJOR disappointment. Along with another "cold" product line, Coolpad. I call those devices that are basically a Chinese design with specifications requested by an American buyer as "Chiami" models because most of those companies work out of Miami. I am thinking of calling these two "Chin Diegos." (Chin being pronounced like the first syllable of "China.") Both of these "CKool" companies have offices in San Diego, California.

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