CMDA Ressurection Remix ASOP ROM 3G only

I've got the Sprint LG G3 with a CDMA sim card. Stock rom works fine, but as we all know, the sprint rom blows chunks. i've tried lots of different roms and so far the only one tht works (mostly) is Resurrection Remix 5.5.5. I only get 3G data but its a decent trade off to have working calls/texts on a custom rom. I know that ASOP roms have problems on the sprint network and its prolly not getting fixed anytime soon. I'd really like 4G as well so if anyone knows a trick or a rom that will work, please let me know. I thought, that maybe if i can just update the baseband somehow, i could get it, but i don't wanna brick my phone just yet. thoughts?



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  • I'm using an LG Volt (basically a sprint branded G2 mini) that I bought from freedompop and they forked the stock rom so bad the only thing that i could do was go AOSP. Check out XDA developer forums or I have full 4G connectivity without issue, you may just need to do a quick APN flash to get it working, worst case scenario you'd need to update (or even down grade) the radio firmware

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