Ting dashboard pie charts are inaccurate

The Current usage pie charts are incorrectly scaled, and therefore visually misleading. For instance, the Megabytes chart says 401 out of a scale of M (500). This pie chart should be 80% full, but it is only 75% full. The denominator appears to be 400 where it should be 500,

Under Messages I have 1594 out of a scale of L (2000). This pie chart should be 75% full but it is only about 60% full. I can't guess what the denominator is.



  • I think the circle represents the current bucket and shows the percentage of that bucket that you've used. Your message chart shows that you've used about 60% of the 1000 messages in your large bucket which starts at 1000 and ends at 2000. So far as I can tell, it's accurate, but I agree it is misleading. It would be more intuitive if the circle always started at 0.

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  • I agree with Jon and Kenneth that the charts are very misleading. I also think they are working as designed, but the design is pretty dumb. The charts measure the usage of the current bucket, and that doesn't make a lot of sense to do it that way.

    For example, if I'm at 250 MB, I'm in the Medium bucket of 100-500MB, which is a bucket size of 400MB. So at 250 MB for the month, I've only used 150 MB of the 400 MB available in the medium bucket and the chart shows 37.5% usage.

    But since I'm really at 250 MB out of 500MB that I'm going to be charged for, I feel strongly that the chart should be set to 50% to more accurately indicate how close I am to moving into the next bucket.

    Here's a request that Ting change the charts to more intuitively communicate a meaningful percentage.

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