Can Ting deliver reliable, up-to-the-minute texting?

since i’m deaf, my primary communication is texting. with my current (free) service thru safelink > tracfone, text messages have been delayed as long as 12 hours, both sending and receiving. totally unacceptable as i’m responsible for last minute changes to my grandkids’ schedules. i’ve researched many providers that offer loads of stuff i won’t use – at exorbitant prices. Anyone out there (hearing or deaf) have an opinion?



  • Usually, I have found delayed texts to be due to poor network coverage. I do not know who owns the network for your current phone because Trafone has agreement with many networks.
    Ting's coverage maps are at
    Ting CDMA uses the Sprint network and Ting GSM uses T-Mobile. If you gace good coverage with both, it is easier to get a phone for Ting GSM.
    It might be best to ask your neighbors who has the best signal in your area.
    I do not think Ting has an agreement with safelink, though.

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  • thank you, bruce. my tracfone uses t-mobile, so i'm a little leery of anything that uses their network. i do realize i'll have to leave safelink. i'll check into CDMA and sprint coverage. thanks again.

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  • If you want to use Ting CDMA, it is safest to buy a phone directly from Ting unless you have an older phone to try. Sprint has very unusual requirements for phones they allow on Ting. If you have the ESN of the individual phone, you can check at to see if it can be brought to Ting.
    Since you need the unique ESN of that device, it is difficult to buy a used device and know if it will be permitted.

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