EVERYONE, Please read Daniel Tso's posts they're littered thru out several of my posts. Most informative.

Ben, I know i can post on a thread instead of starting a new one. But because people tend not to look at old posts with lots of threads, or read them all i choose to start anew so as many people as possible can be told the truth. Not that ting lies outright, they just dont tell you all the true facts. They tend to have their own slant on facts that cant be proven or for that matter arent facts at all. I wish Ben would start a new thread with all the info he has posted on my threads. They are thoroughly researched and FACT based. Everybody needs to read his posts and then they can make an informed decission on which carrier to use. Some may still choose Ting but being a gambling man i'll bet it wont be 85% or even 30% for that matter.



  • John, your main complaint in other posts seems to be not having enough data on Ting to "use a smartphone as a smartphone," but non of the plans Daniel mentions have much data. His post is fact checked, but "the industry standard 1GB of data" is way more then those plans that have 1/10th that or less.

    AIrvoice "Unlimited" plan - $20 for only 100MB

    Page Plus $12 plan - only 10MB data

    Simple Mobile $25 plan - No Data

    The cheapest plan on those three carriers with 1GB or more data:

    Airvoice: $30 for 500MB high speed and then 500MB slow/throttled.
    Page Plus: $39 for 1GB.
    Simple Mobile: $40 for 2GB (no 1GB plan).

    As others have said, the best deal depends on your usage. For some people Ting is the best price, for some others they might not be. Many Ting customers (including myself) use WiFi for most of their data and have a low smartphone bill.

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  • As I said in another post, Ting is competitive for some at the low (but not lowest) end of the the spectrum, say from $10-20/mo. Ting gets killed in the $30/mo and above.

    Your numbers for PagePlus are outdated: They are now 1GB 4GLTE and 1500mins and UNLIMITED text for $30/mo, not $39.95. Cricket is UNLIMITED talk and text and 2.5GB for $35/mo. Ting can't come close to these two despite being on worse networks (Sprint and Tmo vs Verizon and AT&T).

    I think what is equally striking though is that Ting's rates have not changed in, what?, 2-3 years. And, if you read this forum, Ting's CS has gone south. So I have to wonder what is going on with Ting? is it on autopilot? Any changed planned to make it more competitive?

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  • Hi Daniel, the Page Plus website currently doesn't mention any 1GB plan for $30. It says $39 for 1GB:

    Can you link to the plan you're referring to?

    I believe the last time Ting lowered their rates was spring 2014, so 1.5 years. Hopefully they reduce them again soon to stay competitive.

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  • the new PagePlus plans are mentioned here:

    Puppy Wireless is also changing there rates as well:

    btw, I hope it doesn't seem that I'm trashing Ting... I'm still a Ting customer and like particular aspects of their business model and product offering. However there are reasons why, of the 10+ cell lines that I have responsibility for, only 1 line is on Ting. I would be happy if Ting became better positioned to need a greater range of needs...

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  • Ben, you are correct, my complaint is data driven. I didnt say I was going to any of the other plans Daniel mentioned because they would not solve my needing data. I continue this conversation for only one reason and like Daniel im not trying to bash Ting, hell Im still a customer. I just think when people are researching carriers they need to see and understand the whole truth. Believe me when i tell you i read this forum as well as other reviews of Ting and NEVER got the impression that Ting would not be for me. With Tings army of people posting nothing but great things about them it was difficult to pick up on the fact that I dont have regular access to wi-fi as im at work 8-12 hours, 7 days a week. I dont have wi-fi at work. As ive said i tracked my data with republic for over a year and never exceeded 300mb, i can do that easily with Ting. Still confused on that but I believe it was Daniel who pointed out that i was tracking on a different smart phone that wasnt nearly as data driven as my new nexus 6. Though you say Ting is honest about their rates and i would agree to some extent (you pay for data you dont use, bucket system) I found no discussion or mention that depending on phone used, data usage changes drastically. My data use habits didnt change. Just trying to make sure people understand this as i didnt.
    Daniel, you rock. Keep up the well researched info that you are providing. ALL phone, cable, utility companies are out to screw you but with well researched info that you are providing we can make a more informed choice and maybe it wont hurt as much.

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  • John, did you just get the Nexus 6? If so the large data usage could have been an Android update. I don't know if that was covered in one of your other threads.

    Have you disabled background data for apps that use data while you're not using them? Disabled the Play Store from updating apps over the cell network? Set it to only update over WiFi to save tons of data.


    More tips:

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  • Ben, Update did happen on first billing, my bad. I have since corrected all these issues. Im still saying that i dont have access to wifi as much as you but i didnt have it before either. I just dont like being limited in my use or constantly monitoring or setting limits. I would like to use my smart phone for its intended purpose. I agree that all carriers charge for this or throttle but at least I can use it and not worry about getting more charges. Ill gladly pay 50.00 to use my smart phone for all intended purposes. Most major carriers dont limit texts or calls and are really charging for data. If ting didnt charge for or set brackets on texts and calls they could be competitve but they choose to wring every nickel they can out of you.

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