Account suspended at 1:00AM (Mountain Standard Time) with no immediate option to fix

Since my bill was going to be more than $110, I was advised the other day that an initial $110 charge was going to be made on my account . That was fine - except that the card number listed in my account didn't have enough funds available when they processed the payment yesterday.

So, when I received notice yesterday that there was a problem with this card, I logged into my Ting account and updated the card to a different one that would take the charge without a problem. I then responded to the notice I received, advising that I had updated the card to a new one.

Tonight, at 1:00AM, right in the middle of my busiest work period (I'm a driver for Uber) -- my phone stops working - which means I have to stop working and will miss out on at least $150.00 of income that I would normally make.

Shutting off my phone service when it shouldn't have is one thing -- doing it at an hour when your office is closed and not providing the ability to correct the problem myself online is completely outrageous!

I understand it in order to provide low rates you can't operate a 24-hour customer service center -- but you could just have easily scheduled my service to be suspended at 8:00am tomorrow morning instead of tonight, when there is someone available to correct the problem.

I have been a huge fan of Ting until tonight. But these circumstances show how little regard is given towards the real-world needs of your customers.

Will be looking for a new provider first thing in the morning.



  • For urgent isses, always chat with or calltong support to verify they see the issue as resolved.
    You are mad at Ting becuse you assumed the billng system checks the account system in real time after a charge is denied.It would not make good business sense for them to design that complexity for such a small number of situations.
    I am just a user that has been resonable satisfied with Ting for 3 years.

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  • @Bruce Osborne -- I made no such assumption. The warning email I received said, "You can reply to this email, or call us by phone at 1-855-846-4389." Because it was before their support center was open, I replied to the email stating that I had updated the credit card and to use the new one. This should have been sufficient.

    The fact is most companies that have an online presence, fully integrate their account systems with their billing systems. Sometimes they only update every 15 minutes or so, but they do update on a continual basis. Also, I don't know of any other company, especially one that is a TECHNOLOGY company, that doesn't provide a mechanism for customers to apply payments themselves.

    And I'm mad at Ting for suspending my account at 1:00AM instead of 8:00AM when I could have called someone to fix it immediately. That is the true problem here... so try and defend that action.

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  • I get your point Jeffrey. Never really thought of it that way. I know a lot of times things like this are run at night simply because the system load is so much lower then. I will put this thought into some peoples' ears around here. I can't guarantee a change on this, but at least we can get a conversation going. Thanks for the feedback!

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