Constant PRL updates to get LTE

I'm in a semi-rural area with spotty coverage. I often get LTE, sometimes 3G, but never nothing. I often bounce between states for work. I find that I'm consistently finding that a PRL Update will instantly go from no-data voice roaming mode (bars with ! on it) to LTE. Seems to me that it should figure that out more often. Any one else having to do this work-around again and again?
LG Nexus 5, android 5.1.1



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  • I have looked into this a little bit and the PRL update you receive will deliver you phone regional information based on where it does the update. On a good note, our CDMA partner is currently working to implement an automated PRL update system which should allow your phone to update itself as needed. Keep an eye on the blog, more details will be posted when available.

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