My Iphone 4 Experience At Ting

Friday i bought an IPHONE 4 from Craiglist. Tt was an unlocked GSM and of course needed a SIM card.

Before I did anything I checked at the Apple "Activation Lock" web page and the TING check IEMI page.

Everything checked out OK.

The new sim card came in Friday, as i said so I started activation.

IOS7 came to halt and said "SIM NOT VALID"

I got on chat with a tech, he did a bunch of stuff with the SIM card. BTW, it was made known that this was a new activation on my account. No number porting, swapping or changing.

Of course, the days are long past at Ting when you got "Call answered on the first or second ring".

After around a half an hour of trying everything, the tech said it was CARRIER locked. Yet passed the IMEI tests.

That's not the end of the story.

While trying to get the IPHONE to work, the "Tech" ported my number from my active HTC ONE M8 to the new sim card. He was never told to do so. So after I got off chat, I realize my HTC ONE M8 was not working.

So over the course of the next 45 minutes ( includes long wait and going through (2) techs) I finally got my HTC M8 working by changing sim cards.

I really did not think what I was doing was some sort of special thing at TING, but I was wrong. They are sending me a NEW sim card though because I guess they just cannot listen.





  • The Ting checker cannot check to see if a phone is unlocked/
    You did not buy an unlocked GSM phone. You bought a locked GSM phone that was advertised as being unlocked.
    Perhaps you can return the phone to the seller since it is not as advertised or they can get it unlocked.

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  • Try to put the IMEI into the AT&T Unlock Request Form here:

    and select "Non AT&T Mobility Customer"
    Put in the devices IMEI, and your name and email, click the link in the confirmation email, and then you will get an email in the next two days giving you the results of the unlock.

    If everything is good, you should just be able to put the SIM card into the iPhone and it will work. If it doesn't work, follow the instructions AT&T sent you in the email and try again.

    If the unlock request is denied, try returning the device to the seller, and if that doesn't work, you could open a Paypal dispute (if that's how you paid).

    If you have any more questions, just post them here!

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  • Hi,

    I think you missed the point of the message.

    15 or so minutes to wait for chat and after around 15 minutes on the phone, I never actually got to talk to a "Real Live Person".

    Like in my original post, the days of answering on the first or second ring at Ting are over.

    The person I bought the phone has since made sure it is unlocked and indeed I it is now ready to activate.

    I am just awaiting the new sim card.



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  • I am glad you got it sorted out. It is unfortunate that the GSM SIM Cards cannot be reactivated once they have been deactivated.

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