migrating photos, contacts and files from one phone to another

I just got another phone, how do I transfer all my info from one to the other?



  • The techniques available depend on the phones....

    An iPhone replacing an iPhone? Apple iTunes can backup and restore, I think, and a lot is likely synchronized to the iCloud already.

    An Android replacing an Android? Most things can be synchronized to Google and will just appear on the new phone once you add the Google account to it. Not everything is, you may want/need to move an SD card. If the new phone is a Moto with the Moto migration utility, use it, it works well.

    If the old phone is a feature phone or a flip phone, Bluetooth may be the best solution.

    Tell the community about your old and new phones and someone can make some suggestions.

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  • To transfer data between two mobile phone, i think it's more convenient to use a mobile transfer app to help. It could transfer data from android to iphone, iphone to android, android to android, iphone to iphone,

    transfer data between two android phone

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  • You can also use any of the method here to back up your device and sync the information: 


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  • Fortunately, i have tried 6 tests for get a way to transfer data from Android to Android , 

    Even if we never succeed transfer data between iPhone to iPhone, but for the transfer Android data to Android phone ,i have confidence, 

    See :How to transfer contacts between Android to Android phone 

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