Do Zenfones work with Ting?

I'm considering buying a Zenfone 2, but I want to make sure they're compatible with Ting beforehand.



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    Hey Bronwyn,

    Bruce is correct, a Zenfone 2 should work on Ting GSM, but not on Ting CDMA. Please note that you also need to get a Ting GSM SIM card for any GSM device you're looking to activate with us:

    Also, before buying the device, make sure to double check that there's GSM network coverage in your area!

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  • Which Ting network has the better coverage in your area? Ting CDMA (Sprint) or Ting GSM (T-Mobile)?
    Check at

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  • Based on the specs here:

    It looks like the Zenfone 2 will work on Ting GSM, if you get the US model. Doesn't look like the US version works with Ting CDMA.

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