How long will my new SIM stay in "Searching" mode?

Got a new SIM and ported a number from Verizon. The port process went quickly and the number shows Deactivated on the Verizon side, and the sim shows Active on the Ting side. But when I went through the activation steps on the phone and restarted it, it just shows "Searching" in the carrier spot and never finds the network.

I repeated the process again just in case I messed something up, but it's still stuck the same.

This all went perfectly with my first Ting SIM which I was using to test out the service, so not sure why I'd have all of these issues with the second one. Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?



  • Hey Kevin,

    I see that you have submitted a help request, we'll be responding to it shortly to get you up and running. For anybody else viewing this thread with a similar problem, try going through this troubleshooting help article:

    Feel free to get in touch with us via phone, chat or email if you need any additional help!

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  • FYI I have figured out a solution to this. Since my initial activation attempt failed, I followed instructions to reset my network settings. This actually resulted in my unlocked phone thinking it was locked, which is why it couldn't ever find the network.

    I did a backup and full restore of the phone, which then activated the unlock again, and the SIM is working great now. Might be a good item for the FAQ in case others run into similar issues.

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