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I'm not sure I understand how (or even if it's possible) to natively use Google voice for voicemail with my ting number. The way I currently have everything set up, is that Ting will forward calls to my Google voice number if I don't answer. This means that my phone will ring twice - once when the call hits my ting number, then Google hangouts will launch and ring again when the call is transferred to voice. The reason I have unanswered calls transferring to Google voice is so that Ting will use Google for voicemail.

Is it possible to use Google Voice/Hangouts for voicemail when a call goes to my Ting number, without having to forward it to Google Voice? If this is not possible, what are my options for using Google Voice/Hangouts with Ting?

I've Googled for a while on this, but all I'm finding are articles related to Google Voice prior to the Hangouts conversion, so I'm not sure what is or is not still relevant.




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  • This is what i did: Transfer current number to GV (cost $20 if i remember) Reactivate cell with Ting (get a new number) and turn off voicemail (and maybe texts).. Configure GV to ring Ting cell. Then you can make calls with your Ting cell (via Hangouts) and they show up as your old number and you get voice mail (and texts) using your old number.

    GV and Hangouts is not without problems but i have used it for years.

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