Wifi calling REG09 "Missing 911 Address" error

I have an LG G2 that I mostly use on wifi at my office or at home. At both location I some times see an error icon saying REG09 "Missing 911 Address". When this is up it disables wifi calling and uses normal radios. Some times if I turn off and on wifi calling, wifi radios, or the phone itself the error will go away. I tried following the phones instructions for registering the address associated with the wifi location for 911 but it wants a tmobile account to do it. It won't let me make a tmobile account because I don't have a tmobile phone number. What can I do?



  • Hey Lendy. You are commenting on the forum for Ting Mobile which is a different cell phone provider. If your phone is currently active with MetroPCS you'll have to contact them to get things fixed. Alternatively, if you want responsive support and no more errors on your phone please consider giving Ting a try! 

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  • Hey Mitch!

    Take a look at your email, I was able to send one out to you with a solution to the problem you are running into.

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  • To everyone who's recently messaged about this error; please feel free to give us a shout at 1-855-846-4389 so we can look specifically into your account to get things sorted out and updated! :)

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