GSM LTE in rural areas

I was pretty excited when I saw the coverage map for the GSM network in the Lake Ozark area, it was all dark green, nothing spotty at all in my area. This would be a huge improvement over the CDMA which varied from 1 bar to 0 bars and no data at all. I ordered a GSM SIM card, activated and couldn't wait to get down there with all this new power. What a disappointment I had when not only did I have no data but absolutely no phone what-so-ever. If I went out on the lake I could get 'emergency calls only'. I have a NEXUS 5, which it turns out, only gets channel 17 in the 700MHZ band belonging to ATT. Channel 12 in the 700MHZ band is required for T-Mobile. So watch out which phone you purchase that is listed on TING's site because the majority of them, except for the high end ones, are only capable of channel 17, including the One Plus One.



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  • Only Band 4 is technically "required" for our GSM service, but devices with Bands 2 and 12 will help with connectivity for sure! Band 12 is especially helpful in rural areas where the distance from the closest tower can be substantial. Definitely a good tip!

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