Porting frustrations

Have been trying to get Ting to clear my port request so that I can hop over on my boyfriend's phone account. What his carrier assured me would be "Up to 3 hours" has turned into a 16 hour deal. Sprint cannot get in contact to check request, and after I just decided to throw in the towel and just cancel my account, I get a thing that says I have to call to cancel. Which, by reading the forums, you all are bogged down for hours and hours because of the Sprint Kerfluffle. I just want to port out or cancel or something. What I don't want to do is have two different numbers for an indefinite amount of time, since I have my S2 and also my new S5. Please save me from this customer service Ouroboros. :(



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  • I see that your number has successfully been ported. I am glad this was cleared up for you. If this should come up again don't let the new carrier off so easy. They can get in touch with us and we help other carriers complete porting requests all the time. If they just won't make the call for you, online chat is currently the fastest way to get help most days.

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