Ooma+Ting set up?

Hi all,

Just got Ting (with an Alcatel Idol 3). Have a refurbished Ooma that I haven't yet set up. Any tips on exactly what to do? I've read that one can add Google Voice or other apps, including something to automatically use Wifi for all calls, in and out, if it's available. Would like to do this. I have a cell # and a new Ooma home # and guess we'll continue to use them. Have also a Google voice number but don't use it. Also, for Ooma, an older handset for the home that I guess we will keep using -- recommended cheap alternative? Thanks a lot for any tips--I know this amounts to a lot of stuff. I "speak" tech and certainly would be willing to rearrange apps and so forth...



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  • I also have an Ooma at home. I tried doing some Google voice integration but got frustrated with it pretty quick. I just left it as the number that I got with the initial setup, and it works great like that.

    I did start using Google voice integration on my nexus 5 via Google hangouts. It's real slick when someone calls or texts to your Google voice number. Shows up in the hangouts app via chrome or where ever you are and you can reply to them right there. It keeps the transcriptions across devices. I like that too as I'm always erasing my phones txt when I do weird ROM stuff.

    So, I've left Ooma ting and Google voice all pretty separate, and been happy.

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