Disclaimer - Ting not necessarily the right choice for your teenager.

Okay. I decided to get my daughter a phone and service through ting in the hopes of saving a few bucks, and after less than a day, we've just about reached the 'average monthly bill.' lol. Yeah, I don't see this working out. Partially my fault of course. I should have paid closer attention to the rates and compared her usage before switching over from Net10.

After all the hype from the Linux Action Show guys, I was really hoping this would have been a good fit for us. Alas, it doesn't appear to be panning out that way.



  • Ting has been clear that although the vast majority of cell phone users could save with Ting, they are not the best choice for heavy data users.
    The major carriers charge high rates such that low data user subsidize the usage of high data busage. That is not fair and Ting is trying to change that.

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  • It's the phone calls that are the killer, not necessarily the data. Yep. Teens still talk on the phone. :) Though, contrary to the statement of 'vast majority of cell users,' I would think a great number of people use their phones daily to talk, watch media, listen to streaming music, etc.

    But fair enough: ting isn't for everyone. It was nevertheless a bit of a shock to see my bill reach almost 1/2 of what it is from my previous carrier in less than 24 hours time after all the cheer-leading I had heard about the incredible affordability of ting from the LAS guys. At the current rate, the bill would probably be close to if not more than double what I previously paid. As far as ting being clear in their target audience, I don't recall any adverts saying, "But, you know, it might not be for you and very well might be far more expensive than what you already pay.." lol.

    But the management here (if they read these things) can do what they like with what I'm saying. I think critique is a gift. And I took time out of my day to offer it when I could have just canceled my account without a word of explanation. I'm genuinely disappointed that the use of their service is so far proving to be incompatible with my needs.

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  • Actually, Ting is the perfect choice for a teenager. Give her a phone budget and require that she live with it. She'll have to figure out which combination of minutes, texts, and data works best for her needs. She'll learn to manage Wi-Fi accounts (and should be cautioned about using unsecure Wi-Fi). She'll figure out how to chat with her friends via Skype or another method. All in all, it would be a perfect learning experience. And if Ting doesn't work out, she can switch of her own accord if she finds another company that is compatible with her budget.

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  • Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    A couple things I want to make sure you know about Ting and how our billing works now that you're here:

    1) Our rates bill according to buckets or tiers. Consequently your bill (in terms of the dollar amount) will go up as soon as you enter that next usage tier, however, you might stay within that tier for the whole month (thus it won't go up anymore).
    2) We totally encourage setting usage alerts on your account which you can use to notify you when the usage hits a certain amount or shut down service at a threshold you define.

    None of that is to say that Ting is perfect fit for you or your daughter.
    We definitely know that there are lots of people that we're not a great fit for, however, there are lots more that we can help save a lot of money, too.

    I'm genuinely sorry if it's not working out for you, and again, thanks for your feedback.

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  • D.C. No offense. But that is the silliest thing I've heard. She's 17: A young woman. Not 13. Why should she be restricted artificially to 'teach' her some absurd lesson in restraint that clearly isn't relevant. I get you guys are ting fanboys, but come on. That's my whole point. I was already with a company that fit her budget and needs and I was under the impression this might be LESS EXPENSIVE. What about that is so flipping difficult to grasp folks?

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  • Rob, I appreciate the response, but here's the message I just received on this community board.

    A) You didn't listen closely enough to ting's marketing or understand the subtext of 'mobile that makes sense' and the average bill is $23 per month.

    B) Ting is not too costly for you; you just need change your parenting techniques to fit ting's plan. lol. WOW!

    I don't know how much more patronizing it can get. But it's all good. I certainly did learn a lesson.

    I would also suggest a more clear way of addressing ting employees directly so folks don't get half-cocked replies from your community and confuse them with official positions.

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