Add GSM roaming to Canada and Mexico, then the rest of the world.

Would be really cool to have to have data roaming at no extra charge at reduced speed like TMobile does for its customers. They also have flat-rate calling at $0.20 per minute, which would be a good deal for calls placed outside of North America.



  • Since Ting does not have hidden charges, they will charge for roaming when their partner charges them. Currently, if you successfully roam to Canada, you will pay the rates listed on Ting's International roaming page.
    I think Ting's partner has decided to keep the free roaming feature just for itself, not its MVNOs.

  • Well, it doesn't have to be free. But it is a great model that is both economical and useful. Most folks who go out of country don't need LTE speeds because they only want emails, driving directions, status updates and etc. And so 256Kbit is perfectly fine for that and it costs less to have it on. Two operators are moving in this direction: TMobile and Google/ProjectFi. I think we are going to see this offered by others soon.
    Roaming to Canada, Mexico, STI and BVI is the priority though because that's what Americans visit often.

  • Canadian roaming along with low prices & great support was what attracted me to Ting CDMA in 2012.
    I insisted on testing Canadian roaming with Ting GSM several months ago.
    Canadian roaming for Ting CDMA is dying as Canadian carriers shut down their CDMA networks. After 6 months, Ting still has not rolled out Ting GSM International roaming.
    Ting support is dead.
    I am now moving away from Ting to a network with better coverage. Ting has erased its market niche.

  • Well, I agree that CDMA is dead internationally, and frankly never was alive really. I'll stick around with Ting and see if they improve. To be honest, you'd have to pay at least $50 a month to get roaming in Canada and Mexico with T-Mobile (same coverage in the US as Ting) and $80 with AT&T. They just started GSM some months ago, so, I am respectful of their (hopefully temporary) shortcomings.


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