Detailed Billing

Greetings, I'm a new Ting customer and am pleased with the service, rates, and customer service. I am, however, one who needs organized, detailed billing. I am willing to pay more for this service. Perhaps it could be offered as an option at additional cost. Please, Ting, offer this service.



  • On second thought, I've discovered I can use the Excel spreadsheet format quite well. It allows me to make notes as needed. Please don't change a thing. If you change the billing format in the future, please offer the Excel spreadsheet as an option. Thank you.

  • I also second this request.   Billing totals per line per feature for previous bills to either determine split totals between family and friends, or compare usage to previous bills for planning alerts and caps. Exporting to excel sheets would help tremendously

  • Hi,

    When I check "Current Usage" on the web, I can see my usage by each device.
    However, when I get my statement, I only get the totals.
    How can I see my statement with the device breakdown as well?

    The reason is that I am not always able to login just at the end of my
    billing cycle, and will miss the detailed breakdown. If I check
    too early, it is not representative of the statement. If I check even
    an hour too late, the "Current Usage" has reset to the new billing cycle.

    This info does not need to be in the statement; I am open to any way I can

    correlate the billing with a breakdown of usage by devices.



    PS: Most vendors give an abbreviated bill and are willing/able to provide a detailed statement where necessary. Hopefully Ting can do something about this.

  • i would like to request that you provide a summary for minutes, messages, data for each device on the billing history.  This is how we divide up the bill amongst us. 


  • I also would love to see a breakdown on each bill of total minutes, kb, and messages used per line so that we can split up the bill accordingly. Too much trouble to export and add up the totals.

  • Hi Elaine,

     This is still something that we are looking at but it is not a high priority at the moment so it will be some time before it is worked on. I know this is probably not the news that you want to hear but the reason why is because it would take quite a bit of work to change the billing system that we have in place. 

     We do hear you and everyone else who wants this and will be looking to find an opportunity to bring this feature to Ting in the future.


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