Hangouts with Google Voice or S Voice

Kevin Bogle

Trying to get a voice activated solution for sending messages from Hangouts. We use TING for voice and data but not for texting. Can text (or message) from Hangouts without any problem but cannot do so if using Google Now (OK Google) or S VOICE (Hi Galaxy).

Under Settings, More, Default Applications, Messages -- have Hangouts set as the default.

Have tried to Disable "Messages" but that option is greyed out. I have done the "Force Stop" but it keeps starting back up.

If I try to use Google Now (OK Google), it always comes back and says "Account not found:" so it doesn't ever send. I am signed in and able to manually send through Hangouts, check my gmail, etc.

If I try to use S Voice (Hi Galaxy), it appears to send but then I get back a message "Your are not allowed to send text messages." That would mean it's trying to use TING to send when I want Hangouts to send it.

What else can I try? Any other settings that would need to be changed?




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    Bruce Osborne

    Standard text messages are transmitted between voice call packets and are not data/ Perhaps you can sens MMS (picture) messages but not SMS (text messages?
    Apple iMessage prefers to send all messages using data instead i =f the receiver is an iMessage user. Perhaps some other apps work in a similar fashion.

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    Kevin Bogle

    While I would like to be able to send texts, if it would even just work with Hangout messages that would be okay with me. I can "manually" send sms and hangout messages through the Hangouts app already, I'm just trying to do with voice recognition. Since I'm telling it "Send Hangouts message to Jason" it looks like it would use hangouts instead of texting. If I have to take a picture or access one to send an MMS, I might as well pull over and use the Hangouts app.



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