Google Voice forwards to Ting, Ting fowards to Google Voice for Voicemail

I'm posting this because it used to all work for me. But recently I switch my number from one device to another (Ting makes this incredibly easy to do) but now things no longer work.

This is what I had before:

  1. Someone would call my GoogleVoice number.
  2. My Ting phone would ring.
  3. I wouldn't answer.
  4. Perhaps my Google Hangouts would ring
  5. I wouldn't answer
  6. Call goes to Google Voicemail and I can pick up the message in Hangouts

This is what I have now:

A1. Someone calls my GoogleVoice number
A2. Goes straight to Google Voicemail

B1. Someone calls my Ting number
B2. I don't answer
B3. Caller receives a busy signal

I've tried lots of combinations. I've deleted the phone from GV and readded. I turned off call forwarding and then back on for my Ting phone. I have some combinations that show me things really do work, but not with my desired configuration. For example, if I set GV to forward to my house phone then calling GV goes to my house phone !!! If on my Ting phone I *28 to my house phone, then when I don't answer my Ting phone the call goes to my house phone !!! So clearly things can work. But not what I want.

Clearly there is
(1) An issue with Ting forwarding to GoogleVoice, or GoogleVoice receiving the forwarded call from Ting -- why do we get the busy signal?
(2) An issue with GoogleVoice forwarding to my Ting number

Again, this was all working before I switched devices, and I don't recall any issues the last time I switched devices (which was about a year or so ago).

Any advice or suggestions for me to try would be most welcome.




  • And one more thing. If I forward ALL calls from my Ting phone, i.e., *72 -- then calling my Ting number goes to GV voicemail as desired !!! So connections are there, just something is broken with *28

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  • Sounds like different behavior on Hangouts integrating with GV. Do you have the same version of GV and Hangouts apps as you had before? Are your device settings in the Ting App the same as before? You should still be getting the Hangouts ringing after the initial forwarding of the call. Are you sure you have forward no answer set up?

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  • Let's focus on one thing at a time. First most I think Ting should be forwarding my calls to GV but it doesn't, people just hear a busy signal.

    Can use call forwarding: YES
    Can use call forward busy: YES and GV number is set
    Can use call foward no answer: YES and GV number is set

    If I set the call forward number to my land line then calls are correctly forwarded. So it has something to do with Ting forwarding to GV.

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  • I'm pretty confident at this point that it's a problem with Ting.

    If I register my home phone with GV, then calling GV goes to my home phone. So again, the problem is that Ting is not working.

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  • I'm having a similar issue.

    I am not able to forward my Ting cell phone to my Google Voice number since porting a different number to Google Voice.

    For a couple years I have successfully forwarded my Ting cell phone's unanswered calls to my Google Voice number (A).

    Recently I ported a different phone number (B) to replace my old Google voice number (A). I am in that 3-month window when Google Voice answers to both the old Google Voice number (A) as well as the newly ported number (B). My Google Voice settings confirm that both numbers are actively associated with the Google Voice account. If someone calls the newly ported number (B) directly, my Google Voice account accepts the call -- no problem.

    I changed my Ting cell phone's call forwarding to go to number B. Now when someone calls my Ting cell and the call goes unanswered, the call is dropped. It does not forward to Google Voice.

    When I change the Ting cell phone's call forwarding back to number A, it works OK.

    After the 3-month window, number A will no longer be associated with my Google Voice account. Only number B will be associated with the account, so I would like to get this resolved.

    Any ideas why the newly ported number (B) does not receive calls that are forwarded from my Ting cell, but the old Google Voice number (A) will?

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  • @Brian -- maybe it just affects those of us with similar last names....

    So I'm currently not convinced one way or another. It still could be a problem on GV's end with their routing. My current solution has been to give us.

    I now have a secondary Google account with my GV number. It forwards fine to my Ting phone. So people can call me just as before. I forward mail from my secondary Google account to my primary one so I get the voicemail messages there.

    So I'm not sure where the problem actually is. Perhaps something is screwy with the record on my primary Google account when associating my GV number. I also added a new GV number on my primary account and it forwards to my Ting phone fine as well -- so ... clearly just something with that phone number (which is really bogus....).

    I feel like there's no support from Google on any of this, and so far no Ting response either...

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