Old Motorola Photon 4G

Ok, bit of a long story, bear with me please. I recently moved to ting from Sprint. One of the lines I brought over was for my 92 year old Mom. Up until the move to ting, she always used a flip phone, however, she often would ask the person to call back on my smartphone because she was able to hear better on it. So, when I made the move to ting, I decided to move her over to a smartphone. I had an old Motorola Photon 4G which still works. She loves it and can hear much better with it. However, the 4G is an old phone and reboots quite often without warning. I'm guessing the reason why is because it's running an old version of Android and can't be updated anymore.

Some years ago when I used it, I used Cyanogenmod on it and the phone ran perfectly. I've thought of installing Cyanogenmod on the phone once again, however I've read some posts that make me nervous about doing so. Some have said that if you mod the phone the PRL won't update. My question is, is this only for porting a phone over to ting when doing the initial setup process? I'm confused because it seems from other posts that ting has no problem with modded phones. If I have to get her a new(er) phone, I will, but if I can use the old photon that would be great

Any assistance would be appreciated,




  • Hey Mark,

    My suggestion to you (if you a tech savvy) would be to perform all troubleshooting steps without the Cyanogenmod on the device. In that case, you would restore the phone back to a Sprint Stock ROM and then perform troubleshooting when necessary because yes, the codes that you are required to enter will not be recognized on the device itself.

    When you are finished troubleshooting, you can always re-add the Cyanogenmod ROM on the phone and continue using it if you are more comfortable!

  • Thanks Jamie for your response.

    I probably should have been clearer. It's not running Cyanogenmod right now. It currently has the Sprint Stock Rom on it, has been added as a device, and is working with ting.

    So, if I'm following you, after troubleshooting the phone, it would be okay to install CM mod on it now? What if in the future I had to update the PRL, would it be able to update the PRL correctly with CM mod installed?

  • Mark,

    You would not be able to update the PRL correctly since it will not even be recognized as an option on the phone (under system updates you will not have the option to update PRL).

    However, you would be able to return it back to Stock ROM and update the PRL then re-add the Cyanogenmod.

    That is the only way you will be able to update the PRL with the Cyanogenmod (basically without it -- you would delete then re-add).

  • Ah okay. That answers my question. Thanks so much for your time.

  • You may be correct about the old OS causing issues. A similar thing happened to my Epic 4G that was stuck on stock Gingerbread.
    Android apps continuously update and developers do not teat on the older OSs & hardware for compatibility issues. At least, that is my theory.

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