I love my experience with Ting. Love the customer service. HOWEVER, you don't have an unlimited data option. I use A LOT of data. I do not have WiFi at home or work. Nor will I be getting it. OTHER CARRIERS have an option for unlimited data. It is for this reason that I'm going to have to start researching my options and leave Ting. You totally could have had me for a lifelong customer Ting...but this is a BIG problem you have.
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  • Hi Bryan! Thanks for the feedback! There's a great Ask An Exec video where Tucows CEO Elliot Noss explains why our pricing model is the way it is here:

    We don't offer an unlimited data plan because plans just aren't our thing! With a plan, you're basically tied to paying a flat price every month for a service you're not necessarily using to its fullest. We want to be as upfront as possible about what you're billed for -- with us, you always pay for what you use.

  • Anybody offering unlimited data is hiding the additional costs. That is directly opposed to Ting's transparent cost approach.

  • Whatever. It still doesn’t hide the fact that refusing to have a more economical plan of some sort with higher minutes and data usage is excluding LOYAL CUSTOMERS (5 year customer now if I remember right) who would bring in even more revenue with their main phone, their children’s phones, etc., if you would work with them.
    I know you’re in perfect Canada though with perfect healthcare for all  (supposedly, but some still can’t afford it apparently if they can’t find work) and have to pay perfect high minimum wages though, so you probably can’t afford to charge somewhere more in line with other carriers that if I used 1500-2000 minutes per month and between 6-10 GB of data my bill would be around $50-60 for that phone instead of 109!!! ( for the 6 GB). I too don’t have home internet and for that exhorbitant price I can get unlimited talk and text elsewhere and still use data on my phone AND have home internet.

    Please get a grip and quit making excuses why you’re (Ting as a corporation) short-sighted enough to keep pushing away customers who’d be loyal to Ting, probably for life because of the better customer service (sometimes exponentially better) and billing transparency, in spite of often less coverage in my rural state in the US than other providers, especially one particular expensive provider.

  • I wish Ting nothing but the best but have a hard time understanding how that’s possible if they refuse to diversify their pricing structures.
    Pricing could still be very transparent, and customer service should remain good to great, even with more flexibility and more “reasonable” (meaning more competitive with other MVNOs or the big 4-5 “base” carriers even) for higher usage customers.

  • That's an awful lot of assumptions to make, and I'm left wondering why you didn't continue our conversation in the previous thread where you've posted about this.

    We're not blind to competition. We do feel pressure from XYZ competitor. We offer lower pricing when we can, and if we were as big as our competitors, we could demand lower prices.

    When we do get breaks, it's typically better for us to adjust the numbers on existing buckets, rather than changing the buckets. There's no magic to those numbers.



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