Google Voice and Google Hangouts?

Hi. I am using an iPhone 5S running iOS 9.1. I also use Google Voice with the Google Voice app.

I really like the Google Voice service. However, I am a little frustrated with the Google Voice app because it doesn't display the specific time that voicemail messages were received. It just shows the day.

Someone recommended online using the Hangouts app instead of the Google Voice app and made it sound like the Google Voice app is going to be phased out.

I tried to get more info on the Hangouts app and how it integrates with Google Voice, but I didn't find anything with detailed info.

So I'm wondering: are people here using Hangouts with their Google Voice app? Is it better than the Google Voice app?

If you are using Android, not iOS, I'd still like to hear your thoughts.




  • Actually I forgot to ask: can you view Google Voice voicemail messages in Hangouts and, if so, does Hangouts include the specific times that the messages were received?

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  • So, I downloaded the Hangouts app and it seems better than the Google Voice app. You can ignore my other message in this thread. I would delete this threat but it doesn't seem like an option.

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