Galaxy S4 stock firmwear download

Hi I have installed CM on a Galaxy S4 (Sprint version) which my wife used to use. I just found out that I won't be able to activate it on Ting if I would like to. I'd like to be able to have it as a spare in case one of our main phones happens to die. I ignorantly didn't backup the stock firmware. Does anyone know if I can download it from Samsung or Sprint?



  • Hey David,

    You could try using Samsung Kies to get the right firmware for your device:

  • Hi I will first try the Kies software and if that doesn't work I see that the stock firmware can be download from the following site which has the downloads and instructions to apply the firmware via Odin:

  • I just went through this with a Verizon S4 - the whole defaulting back to OEM stock rom - the problem I had was Kies would not recognize the custom rom build.  I tried factory resetting the device and got stuck in a boot loop.  I tried flashing stock rom in Odin - and stock rom continuously failed instantly. Here is what worked for me to get back to stock rom - I had to reflash the Pit file first for the phone (i believe thats the partition and recovery portion). Once the pit file was flashed then the OEM stock rom flashed 90% of the way and failed...with a little persistence I managed to keep pushing the rom until it completed.  My point is - in my experience - if odin fails right away something is up with the pit partition, the pit file - or a bad rom download or version...if the rom fails partially the way through then keep trying, eventually it will complete and all will be well.  Just my 2 cents.

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