5 month old Refurbished iPhone 5c randomly loses ability to charge

I've had a refurbished iPhone 5c that I purchased from Ting since late July. Thus far it's been great. However, Thursday night, it randomly quit taking any charge. I'm a college student, so I took it to the campus tech center to get checked out. They cleaned it out and said that the port did not look at all damaged or dirty. Still didn't work.

I'm a college student, so paying $60 to replace my randomly broken lightning port after only 5 months is RIDICULOUS.

The warranty of only 30 days on all refurbished phones with Ting is horrible. I regret buying my phone from Ting.

I thought I would be loyal to this company, but at this point, I'm ready to switch to another carrier that will at least provide me with a quality product, instead of giving me a faulty phone with a horrible warranty. I understand that I should have been aware of the warranty, but when I hear the word "refurbished," I count on the product being like-new.

I thought that Ting was the carrier of the future, but at this rate, I am ready to switch to Verizon in a heartbeat.



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  • Hey Beth!

    If you are willing to pay the 60.00 to replace the broken lightning port that is affecting your phone from being charged there might be something we can help out with! Take a look at your email as I have sent out a help request to you for further engagement of this situation.

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