Missing calls.

I have been missing calls. Phone doesn't ring or show that I missed a call. I have been to local store and got phone replaced because other things were happening now new phone still not getting calls. I was told about the Tri-band and tower upgrade problems. But I need to receive calls. I have a 80 year old mother who needs to be able to reach me. If the tower up grades aren't working with these phones we should be provided with phones that will work.



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  • Hi Mirna! No worries, we can take a look at this and see what's going on. I wasn't able to find your TIng account and we'll want to take a look at that and see what's happening. We can look your Ting account up by email or phone number, but because that kind of info is secure, we won't want it over the forums. Can you get in touch with us over phone or live chat? We can see what's going on and fix it!

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