Please add Inbound Caller ID, i.e. who's calling me

Please add Inbound Caller ID, i.e. who's calling me. Currently I don't know who's calling me unless they are in my contact list. Sprint has it. My landline has it. Thanks.



  • Good in theory, but the junk callers spoof callerIDs so you get lots of calls from unhelpful IDs like

    Austin, TX

    Cell Phone CA



    It is useful for your contacts, but otherwise generally unhelpful.



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  • My land line has caller id. If it shows bogus/no info, it gets ignored/sent to voicemail. Similarly, if my cell phone actually had incoming caller id, I would know which calls are bogus & can be sent to /dev/null. Not *every* legit inbound call I might get is in my contact list, and inbound caller id is useful in helping to cut down on spammers.

    As it is, if the number *isn't* in my caller list, it gets nuked. Without inbound caller id, I have *no* way of knowing if a number is legit or not, so inbound caller id is *very* useful, and is an essential feature, nowadays.

    Sure, it's irritating to see 'unhelpful ids' on incoming calls, but that is actually useful information: it is a number to be blocked.

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