visual voicemail - please have it!!!!

VVM is a very important feature for me and I know for many others so please develop one on your own



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    Hi Feruza,

    We've definitely heard the call for a Visual Voicemail solution. We don't have one of our own in the works, so I often like to recommend one called YouMail.

    It's free on the App Store on your iPhone. The downside being some ads from time to time, but there's a Premium option as well if you like it and want to remove those ads.

    Feel free to check it out:

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  • C'mon Ting - listen to the voice of the customer here...Visual Voicemail is so ubiquitous that it's tarnishing your brand not to have it.  

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  • Has anyone looked into the AOSP integrated VVM? Visual part aside, it would be nice to have integrated VM.

    I am running a personal AOSP based build and would like to do this but have not found any info relating to ting implementation thus far. It is based on the OMTP standard and can be configured through the carrier config API. Does the Ting app utilize this?

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  • Hey Kyle, 

    There's no Ting app implementation for VVM at present. As simple as it might be, not as many of our customers are clamouring for it as you may think. 

    This might be a direct result of us being big fans of already-existing VVM solutions like Google Voice and YouMail. Both services work pretty great when paired with a Ting account, and spending time and resources to code and support our own is low-priority when very few are asking for it in lieu of these options.

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