Any chance of using Verizon's network for CDMA phones?

Chelsea Johnson

I just switched over from Sprint, and I'm happy at least that I don't have worse signal since I'm using the same network, but is there any chance of Ting using Verizon's network instead for CDMA? Sprint has literally the worst nationwide coverage of the big four, and Verizon has the best. Seems like Ting could get more customers in states like Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota if they had access to the network with the best nationwide coverage.

Check out the coverage maps here to see the huge difference:



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    Bruce Osborne

    Sprint will not permit Verizon phones on their locked network. Pone unlocking does not help.

    BTW, Verizon does not permit other devices on their locked network either.

    Device unlocking mainly affects the GSM networks used by Ting GSM, T-Mobile, AT&T, and most of the world outside of the US.

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    Eric Bloom

    I have been to Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, S dakota, N dakota and in all those areas my phone was better served in the OFF setting. 

    Literally doesn't even update to mountain time zone because Ting data is so easy to burn through you have to make your 'feature' phone into a Motorola Razr from 1999.


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