Root before or after Ting activation

Does it matter? I want root access but don't know which I should do first. I'm coming from a Nexus 6 that was rooted, but I didn't do it until I had the phone for a few months. I don't want to have to restore all my data again so figure I should root immediately. Thanks.



  • Years ago I brought a rooted Sprint phone to Ting.
    As long as you have a stock ROM on it, you should be OK.

  • Thanks Bruce. I'm a bit concerned since I'll be using GSM. Does that complicate things?

  • If it is just root, then it should not be a problem. Different ROMs have the problem of not always being able to update the PRL list during activation.

  • William Jeschke, It should make it easier for him to be rooted and on GSM. On CDMA, you would have to worry about updating the profile, on GSM, this is not an issue I believe.

    I would have no qualms about rooting first with a gsm phone. If it is CDMA, you should probably update profile and stuff on the network before rooting.

  • ROOTING is OK for Ting CDMA. running a custom ROM is not. I brought a phone in the very firtst wave of BYOD testing to Ting CDMA without issue.

    Custom ROMs lack the dealer codes, and the Profile & PRL update menus..

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