Improve "high usage" billing algorithm

Improve the algorithm so that 'reliable' customers are not billed unnecessarily. Also, it doesn't really help much to charge the account at $110 and then a few days later for end of the billing period.



  • Hey Alan,

    We are currently in the middle of reworking this, we should see some changes in the upcoming month or two :)

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  • Alan, I heard 'stick in there, we'll stop sucking soon'

    Look I have EVERY data of my phone off.  An IPHONE 5 isn't cutting edge.  But in order to not pay ridiculous data rates, I can't use Siri, Maps, any social media, youtube, etc etc etc.  Just getting emails puts me in the XL data tier which is STUPID.

    So anyways I appreciate you trying to say you care, but I been a customer and asked for a tier for adults who use their phones for more than calling the ambulance when they fell and can't get up.

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