New to Ting, Very Happy With It!

About 9 months ago I bought a Sprint iPhone 5 and signed up with another carrier's BYOD program that rhymes with skeetum-bop.  It took about SIX WEEKS to get me up and running.  Over a dozen conversations with tech support telling me to update carrier settings 50 times, do a full iPhone reset, and a wild goose chase to various Apples Stores in the LA area asking for a SIM card with the right serial number that tech support said I needed.  Ironically I ended up buying the correct SIM card from Ting's website.  After the "correct" SIM card it still didn't work I called and they realized it was something on their end, and it magically worked moments later.  Did I mention this took 6 weeks?

Flash forward to January 2016, any time it said LTE on my phone I actually had no service but no way of knowing that until I finally figured out I had to switch off LTE in order to get any service.  No warning or anything.  If I was in an LTE area it was as if my phone was turned off.  Sprint was telling my phone it was connected to their network, but on their end it was blocking me.  I'm on Wifi 95% of the time so I don't notice these things right away.  After the discovery I called my old carrier's tech support and they said there was an LTE "outage" (deceptively implying that this is a Sprint-wide issue which I realize now it isn't) and that I should be happy with their excellent 3G service.  SMH.  So last Friday I realized 3G wasn't working either.  I called and got an automated message about a 3G and LTE network "outage" (again implying this is a Sprint thing) in LA, New York, Chicago, and several other small towns.  The entire weekend I had no service.  I wasn't even on the free plan I was paying for extra data and premium voice service.

I called to cancel which they used a pitch to try and stop me.  After relenting my phone was free. I went to Ting's website and had new service with a new number on it in less than 2 minutes.  No exaggeration.  2 minutes and I was good to go.  3G works.  LTE works.  ****ing unbelievable!



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  • Sean,

    Thanks for sharing your story and we're glad you made it over to us without any issues at all and all of your services are working =)

    If you need a hand with anything, just drop us a line, open a chat or give us a call and we'll get you sorted out. 

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