Unlocked Nexus 5 LTE Issue AND Solution

After a factory reset to the phone I noticed I couldn't access LTE any longer. I asked Ting and only offered a friendly suggestion that did not get back my LTE. So I researched and found that you must go into settings > Data Usage > Cellular Networks ( top right corner ) > Carrier settings > click on both 'PRL' and ' Update Settings' and update by clicking 'ok'. This ought to help get it back and if it does not, in combination of, I've also enabled all LTE bands and changed the settings on them each to assure all are at '1'.

If any of this has been tried or posted my apologies. Just want to put this out there while its fresh and to minimize user frustration. Good luck all!



  • I assume this is a Ting CDMA phone since I do not remember those menus on Ting GSM. By the way, all Nexus phones are unlocked, but phone unlocking does not really apply to CDMA networks except for the GSM based LTE portion.

  • Mine is CDMA/Sprint Sim card. That approach or getting to that menu was just a shortcut had you done it in that order. I just happened to be in my 'Data Usage' menu tinkering around.

    You could start at Settings > ...More > Cellular Networks > Carrier Settings > ect...

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