can my Lincoln, NE #(402 area code) be used on GSM phone at ting?

I have my boost mobile # transferred to ting. it is 402 area code #. I am thinking getting a GSM phone with sim card in the future. Since Ting is using Tmobile's network and 402 # can not be ported to Tmobile since it doesn't have service in that area, I am wondering whether i will have a problem switch from CDMA phone to GSM phone with my 402 #.


Thanks, J.C.



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  • Hey Jianchao!

    I sent you an email to the one you logged in with Ting asking a bit more information. We will need your specific phone number to pre-validate it to make sure it can come to Ting, if so, then you would have no problem bringing the number over :). Please respond to the email I sent you with the phone number you are trying to bring over.

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