Sprint headed for bankruptcy?

How Sprint could go bankrupt 


"Everyone knows that Sprint Corp has a debt problem. And while the $33.8 billion in “total debt” that Sprint reported in its most recent quarter is cause for major concern, many investors don’t realize that this telecom is the quintessential master of hiding off-balance sheet debt."

Never liked Sprint, but loved Ting since day one.

HOWEVER, I worry over this.  Even though I'm on the "other" carrier.



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    Hey Jeff, 

    I definitely understand your concern, especially considering the information presented in the article you posted. Thanks for bringing this up. We here at Ting definitely want to make sure that our CDMA customers are comfortable knowing their service will continue working.

    At this time, there has been no official word from Sprint regarding this information, and frankly it should be considered speculation at best. We do feel very confident that service will continue to run smoothly. 

    If - knock on wood - something were to ever happen, we would absolutely, without a doubt, reach out to all of our CDMA customers, as well as our potential customers. We love our customers and would never blindsight anyone!

    Thank you again for looking out for Ting, and Ting's CDMA customers even though you use our "other carrier". 


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