Ting Usage Wheel Issues

The usage wheels shown as a visualization of usage in the ting app and website are a good idea, but to me seem flawed. They should really show the current usage as a fraction of the maximum for the current bucket. For example, if I have used 500 messages of the 1000 in the medium bucket, then exactly 1/2 the wheel should be colored. Instead the wheel shows 4/9, since 400 out of the 900 additional messages of the medium bucket have been used. This is a pretty useless fraction to show and can be confusing and misleading. If I am 1/2 way through my billing cycle and the wheel shows a fraction less than 1/2, then I want to believe that I am on pace to come in under the max for the bucket. The current implementation gives a false impression of usage. It should be fixed. In addition there should be a second colored line on the wheel to show the fraction of time through the billing billing cycle. By looking at the wheel you should clearly be able to see usage vs time and whether you are on pace to be less than or exceed the current bucket.

I ask that ting seriously consider this chang. Please show your support for this if you are a ting customer that agrees with this change.


John C.





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