Make billing usage available in a downloadable spreadsheet format Answered

Kelly Jones

It would be very nice if my account usage details could be downloaded into a spreadsheet. I could then keep better track of who in my group is using which features the most, and be able to show them what they were doing compared to the rest of the group. Copying and pasting works, but is time consuming, and probably not worth the time when you have multiple devices.



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    Renny M

    Hey Kelly,

    You have the ability to download a CSV file of your past usage details from your online Ting account. Once you're signed in, go to billing history and click on one of the past usage periods. Once you have selected a usage period, Click the arrow in the CSV column to export your details into a spreadsheet program so you can parse your bills as much as you like.

    Hope that helps!

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    Bruce Osborne

    Another Ting user has made a web page that can take those CSV files and show the usage split per-device.



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