"Current Usage" view for past billing periods Answered

Payter Versteegen

Your "Current Usage" view is brilliant. I'd love to see this kind of snapshot for the ends of each billing period.

Sure, you could drill down "Billing History", choose the billing period, click on the details link in the billing category (voice, text, data), and then choose a device/line. You get a detailed chart of that device's consumption, but you'll need a calculator for a total. And time to do the same for each category for each device.

A link on the "Current Usage" view could show you past usage, quickly, and completely enough for quick comparisons.



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    Bruce Osborne

    If you need details per device or line, another Ting user has a web page that can take your billing CSV files and split out the usage.

    See http://sabrinaferguson.com/split-ting/

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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Payter!

    This is definitely something we have considered adding to our control panel and glad that you made this feature request to remind us! We have discussed it in the past and have made some progress toward altering the control panel for all Ting users (which would also allow you to view your Bill History the same as you would your Current Usage). 

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    David Campbell

    Yes, please!  Still need this!

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    Frank Piacitelli

    Yes, please, for me as well. We have three lines on our account, and when I occasionally want to see usage broken down by line, it's most often in the month that has just passed. This would be so useful for customers. Thank you!


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